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Janus Preamplifier 8250 / Janus Signature Preamplifier 11990
The Janus is a tube preamplifier that combines the Calypso linestage and the Rhea phono preamplifier into a single chassis. This amazing, full-function preamp is the answer if you want an incredible sounding, all-tube line stage and reference level phono preamplifier in one. It is exceptionally built, beautifully finished, and delivers a virtually unbeatable musical presentation.

Calypso Preamplifier 6325 / Calyso Signature Preamplifier 8250
Tube preamplifiers are a good way to add the musicality of tubes to your sound system. The Calypso linestage preamplifier offers a full range of easy to use controls in a true dual-mono design. It minimizes interference and noise using two completely dedicated power supplies and internal wiring that keeps the signal path as short as possible. The Calypso has 6 RCA and XLR inputs, a full-function remote, phase inversion, two sets of XLR and RCA outputs and a bypass mode for home theater processors.

Rhea Phono Preamplifier 5225 / Rhea Signature Preamplifier 8250
The ten tube Rhea preamplifier is a true dual-mono design that comes loaded with many helpful features for the vinyl lover. The Rhea has three separate inputs each with its own gain and impedance loading controls to accommodate multiple turntables and maximize compatibility with any cartridge. It also includes a built-in cartridge de-magnetizer and, last but not least, it’s one of the best sounding phono stages of all time.

Atlas Hybrid Power Amplifier 9625
The Atlas power amplifier combines the musical intimacy of tubes with the dramatic drive and gripping control of solid state electronics. This zero feedback, 200 watt per channel amplifier delivers the best of both worlds by using bipolar transistors in the output and driver stages and vacuum tubes in the gain stage.