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The Computer Audiophile has long raved about the Aurender line of products naming one ‘Product of the Year’ in 2011. He’s far from alone. The Absolute Sound, for example, gave another Aurender product a ‘Golden Ear Award’ this year. This designed in California, manufactured in Korea company has a rabid following among audiophiles. Aurender makes network streaming / music servers. So why buy one of these when a computer can do the same thing? Thing is computers weren’t designed for music and as a result send a lot of problems down the line that need to be addressed with additional equipment. The Aurender streamer/servers are conceived from the ground up to stream or serve music. That’s their only job. They don’t do spreadsheets. Problems that are inherent in computers are eliminated and functionality increased. Want to make a playlist combining say a song from your NAS, another from Tidal and another from Aurender’s internal storage? No problem. Try that in iTunes. Apart from utterly gorgeous sound the Aurender software, same software no matter the device, is a joy to use. It alone has made purchasing an Aurender streamer/server an easy choice.
Soundstage Fine Audio is excited to carry two Aurender streamer / servers.
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Aurender N100H
Aurender N100H is a hybrid component capable of being a caching network player streaming from NAS and/or a music server with local storage (the ‘H’ is for hard drive, 2TB of internal storage). Lossless streaming from the TIDAL integration is an added bonus. For example the marvellous Conductor app now allows you to open up your library and ‘Share With Friends’. Say you’ve found something on TIDAL you’d like to share with a friend. Pressing and holding on the track gets the Aurender to pop up the Mail app. A link is generated which you can then send to a friend, with comments if desired. Your friend will then be directed via the link to the exact artist page, track or playlist whether it was created by TIDAL staff or yourself. You no longer have to listen in isolation. Aurender Media Manager is a computer application that when directed to a NAS folder or USB drive will scan for music. When the scan is complete it will send a database to the Aurender. The database results in fast loading. On the hardware side the N100H has gigabit ethernet connectivity in addition to two USB ports and a 120GB SSD for caching purposes. The latter eliminates latency and dropouts from NAS drives. The display is a gorgeous multi-coloured 3” AMOLED. The front buttons are Play/Pause, Previous Next and has the ability to cycle through various display modes which in addition to Now Playing is a Digital VU meter! There are more features but the last we’ll mention is the ability to call upon the assistance of Aurender’s Support Staff from within the Conductor app itself.
This ain’t a Mac Mini.
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Aurender N10  10000
Designed to be used with high performance DAC’s this is the only caching server to support on-the-fly precision DSD to PCM conversion by FPGA. 4TB of internal storage and a 240GB SSD cache for playback, the N10 is the perfect solution for even the most extensive high resolution music collections. Dual linear power and special shielding prevent noise from being sent to sensitive DAC’s. The N10 is equipped with various SPDIF outputs (BNC, AES/EBU, coaxial, optical) as well as USB output, plus a Gigabyte Ethernet port and two USB data ports. As one example of the lengths to which Aurender went to make this unit state of the art, on board is an Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) clock, the most accurate and stable clock in use today and orders of magnitude more accurate and stable than commonly used crystal oscillators found in computers. The OCXO is enclosed in a compartment and kept at a constant temperature to prevent jitter from temperature fluctuations. The N10 is a music server for the audiophile who won’t settle for anything less than the best.