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“We have always been pushing the envelope, and doing something completely new with every product we build.” That’s a quote from Charlie Hansen, Founder of Ayre Acoustics Inc. There’s a saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Charlie’s dad built Dynaco’s back in the day and seeing his son’s interest in also building electronics got him a job at a local high end store where he was exposed at the age of 15 to the likes of Audio Research, Linn, Magneplanar and their ilk. His first soon to be a commercial project was building what he describes as “huge” speakers - 250lb, 5-way behemoths the size of refrigerators. And as is usually the case someone heard them and wanted a pair. Then someone else and so on until not long after Avalon speakers was formed. Having sold the company a non-compete clause led him to the electronics side of audio. A renowned amplifier was soon followed by an equally renowned preamplifier and in 1993 Ayre Acoustics was on its way.
Says Charlie, “We're not interested in making another ‘me too’ product. There are plenty of good products around. If we can't make something that is significantly better than what is already out there, what's the point? But it also has to be affordable. If there are only six people world-wide that can buy it, what's the point of that?” All Ayre products are ‘Made in the USA’, hand built in Boulder Colorado using the highest quality parts available.


CODEX 2400
A fully balanced signal path throughout the analogue circuitry provides an inherently clean and quiet backdrop, while the zero-feedback design maintains the pace and rhythm, rendering digital music as effortlessly as if it were live. The CODEX is equally at home as a stand alone DAC, headphone amp or digital preamp. Three headphone outputs, 2 x 3.5mm and 1 x 1/4”, the 3.5mm jacks can be configured to balanced mode. Digital inputs are both USB and tousling Input up to 384kHz, 24 bits.

QB-9 Phono DSD USB DAC 4580
This is the DAC that everyone is raving about. Phrases like “Ayre has hit a home run” and “watershed component” are the norm in reviews of this product. It is by far the preferred DAC at Soundstage Fine Audio. With jitter levels over a hundred times lower than other USB solutions The QB-9 provides incomparable computer-audio sound. And considering Ayre’s renowned quality, the QB-9 USB DAC is in fact a bargain.

AX-5 Twenty Integrated Amp 17200
Featuring Ayre’s new Diamond output stage, Ayre’s exclusive EquiLock circuitry and a Shallco solid-silver contact switch for gain control, this fully discrete, fully balanced, zero-feedback integrated amplifier provides a complete solution to your music system. The key to perfecting the AX-5 was to incorporate the Variable Gain Technology of the multi-award winning Ayre KX-R preamp into the power amplifier section. Stereophile’s Art Dudley said with the AX-5 he found it easy to enjoy the records in his collection more as music than as sound. This is not faint praise. It’s what we’re after. He concluded his review by saying, “Heck, it’s one of the finest amps I’ve lived with, period.” No faint praise there. 125 watts into 8 ohms.

VX-5 Twenty Amplifier 11900
“Ayre’s new VX-5 is as perfect a power amp as I’ve seen lately for the audiophile who wants high performance and high value.” Doug Schneider, Soundstage!
With the addition of Ayre’s new Diamond output stage this amplifier packs a punch so palpable you will find yourself clinging to the essence of every note. The VX-5 is a fully discrete, fully balanced, zero-feedback amplifier featuring Ayre’s exclusive Equilock circuitry. Finishing the CES review Soundstage! stated that the VX-5 could better famous amps costing five times the price of the VX-5. Just as expensive does not make a wine great, so too it is with fine audio equipment. A fact often overlooked by the audiophile. 175 watts into 8 ohms.

KX-5 Twenty Preamplifier 11900
Think of Ayre, think the legendary KX-R (now KX-R Twenty). And why not? To Ayre the preamplifier is arguably the most important component in your system and in keeping with that belief the KX-5 delivers all the performance and flexibility you’ve come to expect from an Ayre preamp. Following in the footsteps of the KX-R the KX-5 lives up to the challenge with dynamics powered by Ayre’s Diamond output stage. Ayre eliminated the traditional attenuating volume control and replaced it with a 46 position Variable Gain Transimpedance amplification circuit. Featuring six programmable inputs and Ayre’s unique Equilock gain stage the KX-5 will draw you in with its enchanting musicality and drop your jaw with its endless depth.

CX-7eMP CD Player 5250
At the heart of the Ayre CX-7e CD player are two massive power transformers that deliver a flawless rendition of music’s rhythmic and melodic elements—one dedicated to delivering pure, clean power to the digital circuitry and one for driving the analog components. The fully-balanced, zero-feedback analog stage delivers highly transparent musicality that’s sure to please even the most discriminating audiophile, while subtle details that other players struggle with shine through thanks to a superior multi-stage digital filter.

AX-7e Integrated Amplifier 5250
The Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier is an outstanding bargain that uses the same zero-feedback design and many of the same top-end components found in Ayre’s reference products. It features a muscular output section that makes even challenging loudspeakers really sing. The dynamic, open sound it produces will excite you as it emerges from a nearly black background.

K-5xeMP Preamplifier 5780
The Ayre K-5xe preamplifier offers pure musical performance that’s tough to beat at any price in a stunningly design chassis. Its exclusive fully-balanced, zero-feedback design renders music with vitality and life and its massive power transformer effortlessly provides startlingly real musical dynamics. Its custom-designed volume control is actuated by a silky smooth optical encoder, using FET switches and precision metal-film resistors to deliver absolute sonic transparency. The Ayre K-5xe opens up a new world of musical enjoyment.

V-5xe Power Amplifier 7900
The Ayre V-5xe power amplifier gives voice to music's heartbeat. Enormous power reserves liberate the full range of dynamic contrast, while the zero feedback design flawlessly keeps time relationships intact. Fully balanced from input to output, the V-5xe illuminates the soundstage with nuanced precision.

P-5xe Phono Preamplifier 4320
The Ayre P-5xe phono preamplifier uncovers the astounding musicality in your favorite records. Music flows from a pure black background, thanks to ultra-low noise FET circuitry in a zero-feedback configuration. Fully adjustable gain and loading options provide complete compatibility with the widest possible range of cartridges, from low-output exotic moving coils to high-output moving magnet designs.

L-5xe Power Filter 3250
Adding an Ayre L-5xe to your system delivers pure AC power that makes backgrounds deeper and richer, and reveals music’s ease and fluidity. Four independent outlets provide bidirectional filtering to fully isolate your components, including digital sources. Its unrestricted current capability means unrestricted dynamics with even the most demanding amplifiers.

KX-R Twenty Preamplifer Upgraded 36575
The technically advanced Variable Gain Transimpedance (VGT) circuit allows the full dynamic range of your source into your amplifier. This unique technology elevates the performance of the KX-R beyond that what was previously available from a conventional pre-amp. Called the 8th Wonder of the World!

MX-R Twenty Mono Amplifier 19600 ea.
Each Ayre MX-R mono amplifier delivers 300 watts of well controlled power. The dual-transformer linear power supply effortlessly drives the most demanding loudspeakers. Ayre’s exclusive EquiLock technology enhances the zero-feedback, fully-balanced circuitry for an unprecedented level of clarity and resolution. Breathing new life and vitality into your favorite compositions, the Ayre MX-R will change the way you listen to music.

VX-R Twenty Stereo Amplifier 29925
The Ayre VX-R stereo amplifier gracefully integrates all of the technology, performance and sophistication of the world renowned MX-R monoblocks into a single radiant chassis. The VX-R features Ayre’s exclusive EquiLock technology and fully balanced circuitry in their original zero-feedback design for the most resolute and coherent sound available. 200 watts per channel continuous into 8 ohms.