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Chord Hugo  2700
Called Hugo because you can take Hugo wherever 'you-go' - seriously. You have to love a company with a sense of humour but Hugo is a dead serious device that offers studio-master-tape sound quality, advanced connectivity (including Bluetooth) and uncompromising file playback capability - all in a palm-sized player! Hugo is the world's most advanced headphone amp/DAC and the most advanced 32-bit DAC CHORD has ever made. It even includes built-in rechargeable batteries. A 2 hour charge should be good for 12 hours. A multi five star performer, HeadMania writes, "When I think of Hugo, only superlatives come to mind and I can hardly restrain myself from writing 'WOW, Amazing, Excellent, Incredible, etc.' " Mark describes it as "the Swiss Army Knife of electronics" and adds, "it's good enough for home use and mind-blowing on the road". So there Hu-Go!