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Below are the Demo items on clearance for our 35th Anniversary. Most have full warranty and packing.
The prices like the products are exceptional, at or below normal dealer cost prices. This is a terrific opportunity to get the Dream product you have always wanted. Please call or email for prices.

Accuphase DP550
Audiophilleo USB to SPIDIF 2MKII
Naim SSD

Turntables Cartridges and Phono preamps

Thorens TD 206
Oracle Paris red w Rega 303
Brinkman Balance with 10.5 tonearm

Air Tight PC-1 < 50 hours
Ortofon DS1 tracking force gauge

Burmester HP100 phono preamp 1MC


Naim 5i
Devialet 120
Devialet 200
Ayre VXR Twenty
Jadis I50
Audio Research VSI75


Dynaudio XD200 white
Dynaudio XD600 rosewood
Cambridge Minx 2.1
Cambridge Aeromax 2
Wharfdale Diamond 10.2
Totem Kin Sub
Martin Logan Electromotion
Martin Logan Montis
Vandersteen Treo
Velodyne Optimum 12

Wireless Speakers

Devialet Phantom Silver
Devialet Branch 


Rega Headphone amp
Audeze Deckert
Grado SR1e


Audioquest Coffee rca digital 1.5m 
Audioqest mackenzie rca .5m
Audioquest Yukon rca .75m
Audioquest Water rca 1m
Cardas 2m Clear Sky banana
Cardas 2m Parsec 
Cardas 1/2m Golden Ref XLR 
Siltech 3/4m 180iX XLR


Clearaudio Smart Matrix RCM
Music Hall RCM
Cardas Crosslink Speaker Wire $3/ft
Gershmann magnetic elevators $30ea
Furman Elite 20PFI