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Phantom Gold 3995 each    
Let’s start with some numbers. 4,500W. 108dB. 14Hz-27Hz. The latest addition to the Phantom lineup is 8 times more powerful than Phantom and is capable of producing the sound level of a live rock concert. Bass levels are extraordinary, down to the lowest sounds ever emitted. Gold incorporates a new Titanium Tweeter made of the purest Titanium available producing frequencies up to 27Hz. Some more numbers - 0 Distortion, 0 Saturation, 0 Background Noise. Use it as a stand alone or part of a multi-room system. With Phantom you can wirelessly play all your music saved locally or online, from all your sources. Comes with a 22 carat Rose Gold-plated finish. The ultimate audiophile Gold.
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Treepod 449 each
You seriously have to see this stand. Guaranteed you will have a smile on your face. It looks, just, perfect. It’s the result of flawless wood-turning craftsmanship. The stands are made of Beech attached to a hand-polished piece of foundry composed of a fine aluminum blend. Its minimalist design is the perfect combination of form, function and technology.
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Phantom 2795 each     Phantom Silver 3295 each
Rarely has any piece of audio equipment generated the buzz that Devialet’s Phantom speakers have, or the accolades. The word ‘revolutionary’ applied to this speaker design might be an understatement.
The Phantom comes in two forms, the 750 Watt is capable of producing 99 db, the 3000 Watt Phantom Silver 105db. Powered by what Devialet calls ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid) technology the internal amplification is a combination Class A and Class D. Of all the unique features of this speaker the most evident is the side projecting woofers. The Phantoms are built around two hermetic woofers that function under high pressure. Combined with ADH they produce astonishing low frequencies at equally astonishing volumes. These speakers will continue to evolve and improve all by themselves due to the free updates Deviate provides. Indeed the difference between the original speakers and the ones currently supplied is quite amazing. Read more about the Phantom system below.
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Dialog 495
Dialog is Phantom’s intelligent hub. It significantly adds functionality to the Phantom experience. In a Phantom system without Dialog you are able to play Wi-Fi from music stored on your computer, tablet or phone and connect additional sources via the optical outlet. With Dialog you are able to access all the best streaming services and enjoy multi-room listening (up to 24 Phantoms can be connected) even if some rooms are out of Wi-Fi range. Additional interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet and USB. The Wi-Fi network operates at both 2.4 and 5GHz. Amazingly with Dialog you can use Proxy and NAT management to create a dedicated network with each Phantom.
Branch 495 each
Devialet prides itself on aesthetically pleasing products and Branch their “Intelligent Base” for Phantom is no exception. Assembled in Devialet’s workshop in France the stand connects thermally to the Phantom. Veneer is pressed against an aluminum column. The base is very stable and is also aluminum providing for a perfect continuity.
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Gecko 295 each
Whether used to get your Phantoms out of harm’s way or as part of a surround sound system, Devialet Phantom Gecko’s are the wall mount bracket specifically designed for the Phantom speakers.
Remote 225 each
Perfectly ergonomic and marvellously assembled Remote drives volume with absolute precision and zero latency. Remote contains an accelerometer thereby allowing gestured control for Play, Stop etc. These will be added in a later firmware update.
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Cocoon 395 each
Handmade individually in a French saddlery workshop Cocoon is the carrying bag created for Phantom. Combining both perfect resistance and lightness Cocoon is fashioned from a new generation of composite material embellished with authentic leather pieces.
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Evolution. The new Devialet Expert Pro series.

All Devialet amplifiers share the same form factor and incorporate same but improved exclusive technologies developed by Devialet.

ADH - the best of both worlds. ADH Intelligence is the first hybrid amplification technology that combines the refinement of analog amplification (Class A) with the power and compactness of digital amplification (Class D). With Expert Pro Devialet introduces a new version of ADH Intelligence. For example the sense of the Class A amplifier has been improved from 8 to 10 bits, or 1024 levels instead of 256.

Ask the simple question - are all speakers the same? Obviously not. Then ask how an amplifier can accurately reproduce a recording on every different speaker. Answer, it cannot. Enter Devialet's SAM technology - Speaker Active Matching technology. With well over 700 speaker profiles Devialet is the first amplifier to adapt its signal to your speakers.

DAC Magic Wire technology enables Devialet to ensure the world’s shortest path between the DAC and speaker connections - 5cm. To achieve this feat Devialet refined the DAC to achieve the best performance in noise and distortion levels.

Now reaching 4000W of peak power (formerly 3000W) the new Power Supply loads transients 2 times faster going from absolute silence to explosive dynamics in the blink of an eye.

Invented for high definition music AIR (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) enables you to enjoy all your streaming audio content without compromise (up to 24 bits / 192 kHz) via Ethernet or Wi-Fi regardless of the format, multimedia player or streaming service you use.

Thanks to the exclusive RAM (Record Active Matching) technology your phono stage is entirely and dynamically configurable. It precisely adapts itself to the characteristics of your turntable and your vinyl records.

EVO - the permanent upgrade. The EVO platform, the electronic architecture of the Expert Pro systems, is fully driven by upgradeable software. As such your Expert Pro undergoes constant improvement via FREE, regular updates for ever improved features and performance.

Expert Pro Remote is carved out of a single aluminum bloc. Responsive and precise and using latency radio transmission technology the Expert Pro remote is fully omnidirectional.

The Models

130 Pro - Stereo, 2x130W at 6 Ohms
220 Pro - Stereo, 2x220W at 6 Ohms
220 Companion - Stereo, 2x220W at 6 Ohms, able to be linked to a 220 Pro for Dual Mono
440 Pro - Stereo, 2x440W at 6 Ohms, dual Mono
1000 Pro - Stereo, 2x100W at 6 Ohms, dual Mono

130 Pro - 9995     220 Pro - 13995     220 Companion - 10995
440 Pro - 24995    1000 Pro - 44995    

Soundstage Fine Audio was chosen to be the first Canadian dealer.
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