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Dynaudio is well known in recording circles. Over 10,000 recording studios worldwide, including the BBC, use Dynaudio as their reference speakers. Founded in 1977 this Danish company states its raison d'être to be thus:
"Sound is our number one priority. We have no need for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience. We always strive to be authentic. We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as if the musical instrument would be playing in your room."
And what makes Dynaudio both a great fit and a great addition to Soundstage Fine Audio is, as they put it, their reliance "… on the most sensitive analysis tool, the human ear".
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EMIT M10 1200 pair
The most compact EMIT is ideal for small to medium sized rooms or anyplace where space is limited - such as on a bookshelf or sideboard. The M10’s 14cm MSP mid/bass driver and 28mm soft-dome tweeter team up with a first class crossover and a forgiving 6 ohm impedance that lets them play nicely with any amp you plug them into. The tuned bass-reflex port and long-throw driver are optimized or smaller rooms and will still work if shoved up against a wall or on a shelf. Need more convincing? The British magazine What Hi-Fi? awarded the M10 with no less than a five star rating and Test Winner honours. Available in black or white.
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EMIT M20 1400 pair
Named Product of the Year by British magazine What Hi-Fi? the EMIT M20 is ideal for small to mid-sized rooms. The M20 incorporates a 17cm mid/bass driver and a 28mm tweeter. Because the M20’s are a little bigger Dynaudio recommends putting them on stands and giving them a bit of space behind. Impedance is 4 ohms.
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EMIT M30 2800 pair
A floor-standing loudspeaker the Emit M30 realizes a level of performance and value that is without peer - and it is still made in Denmark. The Emit M30 boasts authentic Dynaudio technologies and delivers the true high-end sound quality that Dynaudio is known for. Exceptional but not demanding power handling, incredible imaging, impressive bass and extremely low distortion characterize the performance of the
Emit M30. A smooth, natural high frequency is ensured by the renowned Dynaudio soft-dome tweeters while the precision tuned bass reflex cabinet enables the dual MSP woofers ensure a reference class bass response. All this is accomplished in a relatively small footprint.
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EXCITE X18 2700 pair
Excite is all about versatility without compromise. High-end sound quality and elegant, slimline design. The Excite works with almost any amplifier. Their linear 8 ohm impedance and advanced MSP drivers, a material developed in Dynaudio’s own labs, see to that. The X18 features incredible transparency, powerful dynamics and remarkably deep bass while delivering an expansive soundstage with exceptional accuracy and a natural tonal balance. The EXCITE X18 has a 17cm mid/bass driver and a 28mm tweeter plus greater cabinet volume for even more low frequency potency. The X18 also uses lightweight aluminum voice-coils and powerful Esotec+ magnets for greater precision, punch and control. Available in four colours: black, white, walnut and rosewood. 4 ohm impedance.
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EXCITE X38 6000 pair
The X38’s twin 18cm woofers use Dynaudio’s own ultra-lightweight, ultra rigid Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP) material, extraordinarily large 75mm diameter aluminum voice coils with powerful centre-magnet systems and high strength die-cast aluminum frames. This is how the X38 achieves resounding bass, thrilling dynamics and incredible control. The 14cm midrange driver also uses MSP ensuring seamless integration with the woofers while the 28mm tweeter’s coated fabric dome guarantees fine high-frequency detail. With its meticulously selected crossover components the X38 combines energy and dynamism with a remarkably balance three-dimensional portrayal of the recording.The extensively braced cabinet is available in a choice of fine natural wood veneer or satin lacquer finishes (black, white, walnut or rosewood). The X38 also has integrated outrigger feet. Depending on the flooring surface the X38 can stand on four resonance absorbing rubber feet or four height adjustable retractable spikes.
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XEO 2 2500 pair
Minimize your audio system to the essentials - an audio source and the speakers. The Xeo 2 is a wireless, self-powered bookshelf speaker system that can be used with any device that plays music. No cables, no amps and no compromise in sound quality. The Xeo 2 delivers a scale of sound that completely contradicts its compact cabinet. And bass response, thanks to Adaptive Bass Technologies, allows the Xeo 2 to extend to lower frequencies than might be expected from a speaker this size. Other features include ‘Speaker Position EQ’ whereby sound performance can be optimized with a simple switch setting the speaker’s location to be ‘near a corner’ or ‘on a wall’ for example. A remote is included.
The FOCUS XD Series
The Focus XD series redefines the Hi-fi system itself: a simplified audio system that integrates high-end performance with a new level of convenience - only a music source is needed. The digital music signal (24 bit / 192 kHz) is transported losslessly from source to speaker without analog conversion. The Focus XD series incorporates powerful digital amplifiers , high performance DSP, its own digital volume control as well as both digital and analog inputs.
Each Focus XD model has direct, high-resolution capable digital inputs plus an analog RCA input. Since the volume and tone are adjusted directly in the speaker the only thing required is an audio source. In addition the Focus XD can be wirelessly connected to the Dynaudio Hub which accepts both analog and digital audio sources such as computers, Bluetooth receivers or televisions. Multi-room and multi-source system installations are also possible.
The Focus XD has a speaker position EQ with which the bass response can be individually finely adjusted to room acoustics allowing for balanced playback. Similarly the high frequency range can be discreetly raised or lowered.
Focus XD models, the Focus XD 200 and Focus XD 600 are available in Satin White and Satin Black lacquer as well as Rosewood and Walnut real wood veneer finishes.
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FOCUS 600 XD 18000 Clearing Demo at 12000
The Focus 600 XD is the flagship of the model line. Both of the ultra-long throw Esotec+ woofers feature extremely large magnets each is driven by its own 150W amplifier. The Esotec+ midrange driver and tweeter are also driven by a high performance 150W amplifier. The four drivers are perfectly harmonized through a highly sophisticated DSP. With a combined power output of 600W per speaker the 600 XD is able to realistically reproduce the most demanding of performances. Retractable spikes integrated within the aluminum outrigger feet ensure that the speakers can safely be positioned on any floor surface while minimizing resonance. Focus XD models can operated via remote and have upgradeable firmware.
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FOCUS 200 XD 9500 Clearing Demo at 6400
Designed to "modest dimensions", everything is compact except for the sound. Each Focus 200 XD incorporates a 300W digital amplifier which is perfectly optimized to the high performance woofer and tweeter. Don't let its size fool you. The 200 XD can put out amazing volume. Possessing all the other attributes of the Focus XD series these speakers can be placed virtually anywhere. An optional stand, the Dynaudio Stand 6, featuring integrated cable management, serves as the ideal companion to facilitate use of the 200 XD as a freestanding high-end monitor.
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The XEO Hub connects to your music sources and sends a lossless wireless digital signal to your Focus XD speakers. That signal can be transmitted up to 20m. Featuring three digital inputs, optical, coaxial and USB, all are high-res ready supporting up to 24 bit / 192 kHz. Two analog inputs are also provided - a stereo mini jack for connecting smart phone, tablet or other personal media devices and a pair of RCA stereo inputs allowing connection to other analog sources. The Hub requires no software as it instantly sets up its own wireless connection at selectable 2.4, 5.2 or 5.8 GHz frequencies.
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The nerve centre of your high-end wireless system. Run one set of speakers, build a multiform system, go hi-res. Use a turntable, a CD Player, a TV, a Streamer. It’s your choice. Just CONNECT… Dynaudio brings together all the inputs you need to integrate wireless Focus XD and XEO speakers into your system. You can hook up any conceivable source including analogue and stream their playback over your home network to your digital active speakers. And because it uses Wi-Fi you can use Spotify Connect to stream from the internet and not worry about your mobile data allowance. aptX Bluetooth lets you stream from any Bluetooth device while the digital optical and coax inputs accept full-on 24-bit/192kHz hi-res audio files.