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Estelon is a global high-end speaker brand in pursuit of a dream to achieve complete aesthetic and acoustic perfection through the fusing of high art and cutting edge science. Exquisite craftsmanship and sonic innovation seamlessly blend to form a handmade line of products that offer unrivalled acoustic and aesthetic bliss.
Soundstage Fine Audio is pleased to present the Estelon X Series loudspeakers. The distinctive and unique handcrafted shape of the E-Ion cabinet adds a sculptural high art element to any room, looking as perfectly formed as the sound they produce.
Arriving Soon - YB 28900

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Model X Diamond 77900

Absolute Sound 2012 Product of the Year
Absolute Sound 2013 Editor's Choice

"The Estelon X Diamond is the most perfectly phase-coherent all-cone loudspeaker I've heard in my home. Not only does the X Diamond defy expectations by sounding like one seamless thing from bottom bass (and its bass goes very, very deep - into the 20-30Hz range - and does so with superb definition, grip, colour and clarity) to top treble , but it is the the first multiway cone speaker I've heard which not only completely disappears as a sound source but manages to replace its presence with the presence of the room or venue in which the recording was made."
Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound
December 2012
The unique form of the Estelon loudspeaker is not gimmick. Rather it is the ideal platform for optimum sound reproduction. The cabinet's curved shape eliminates corner reflections, standing waves and phase distortion. Estelon cabinets are cast in a proprietary process with a patented layered crushed marble based composite material. This material has superb stiffness and damping factors. As a result of the highly innovative shape and material Estelon loudspeakers have absolutely no cabinet induced coloration at all.
The cabinets are available in a variety of finishes both gloss and matt. The standard finishes are black gloss, white gloss and black matt. Optional finishes (may add to cost) offered in high gloss are blue, silver, red and violet.
Model XA 51900

Otherwise identical the Model XA, the original Estelon, employs a ceramic inverted dome tweeter while the Model X Diamond gets its name from the fact that it uses a Diamond inverted dome tweeter.
All drivers are from Accuton. Each drive is broken in by running a signal through it for several hours before Estelon selects matching pairs of drivers for each speaker pair. Once again the paired speakers are run through another break in period using a special signal. And finally the drivers are fitted into the finished cabinet for individual tuning.
All of this is unified by a custom crossover that enables the symbiotic performance of the elements after they have been carefully tested. The crossover, with Teflon hybrid capacitors and air core inductors, is encased in a separate chamber to protect the crossover components from 'microphone effect'.
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Model XB 41400

HiFi News 2013 Editor's Choice
"Candy for the Eye & Ear" - Stereophile

Designed for more modestly sized rooms the Model XB maintains the wide imaging, deep sound staging and thrilling life-like dynamics of the slighter larger Model XA and Model X Diamond. The drivers, still made by Accuton, are also slightly smaller. That said the same attention to cabinetry, the same driver matching detail and the same state of the art crossover, wiring and other electronics that are present in the other models are also present here.
Model XC 27500 including stands

When high resolution performance is required the Model XC is the ideal choice where the larger Estelon's would be impractical or excessive. The dedicated floor stands are directly connected to the Model XC's base, raising the speakers to the optimal listening height while providing adjustable rake via the spikes. The cabinet is the same E-Ion as the others using the same crushed marble composite, albeit in a different form. The Model XC utilizes dual 7" Accuton ceramic membrane woofers and 1.2" ceramic inverted dome tweeter also from Accuton.
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