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Graham Slee, the person, has been involved in manufacturing high end audio products since his days as a disco DJ in the 1970's. Graham Slee Products was established in 1998 and initially manufactured phono stages, to high acclaim. (His first phono stage was called the 'Gram' Amp. Gram being the name broadcasters used for the turntable, the gramophone.) With the rise in popularity of headphones the Graham Slee group of headphone amplifiers became equally popular. The product line continues to evolve to the same high acclaim as the original Gram Amp.
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Novo 599
The Novo inline headphone amplifier is what it says - it can be put inline between your source and your amp or between your amp and preamp, thus enabling your ability to listen to your music on headphones as well. The Novo won What Hi*Fi's 'best headphone amplifier' award 3 years in a row.
Voyager 449
The phone is not included but is there to illustrate just how portable the Voyager is. It's the ideal partner for portable music devices whose headphone outputs are often limited in performance because battery power is used for other functions. This amplifier makes music on the move a whole new experience, an airy musical outside your head performance, when paired with good headphones. That said the Voyager can go a long way to making not so great headphones sound better given the inclusion of a 'contour switch' which compensates for the limited tonal range of lightweight street style headphones. Give Voyager a listen and you'll never want to travel without it.
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Solo Ultra Linear Diamond Edition 1299
The Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition headphone amplifier has been chosen again to demo Grado headphones at the 2014 Bristol Sound and Vision show. That pretty much says it all.
Bitzie 699
The Bitzie is a USB DAC. It is also a USB headphone amp. USB being the operative word as USB is the power source. This literal plug and play device turns any computer into a top notch hi-fi source, free of jitter and able to handle any of the high-end formats including 192kHz.
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Gram Amp 2 SE Phono Stage 549
The latest iteration of the venerable Gram Amp, the phono section amp that started it all. Dated? Hardly. It recently garnered 5 stars in What Hi*Fi who said "… the Gram Amp offers a level of musical enjoyment beyond what its price tag suggests."
Reflex M Phono Stage 1349
The Reflex M phono stage makes music like no other phono stage. Its sound stage is rock steady, having both width and depth, placing the music beyond the speakers. In a great sounding system its spatial capabilities are so lifelike it can often trick the ears into layering instruments vertically too!
It uses ultra-linear fast active phono stage technology, combined with its true small and large signal symmetrical slew-rate, to pull more music from the groove and relegate vinyl nasties like clicks and pops further into the background.In other words the fast active phono stage technology means the circuit completely "forgets" the music it reproduced 0.06 micro-seconds before. That means there is no veil over the music, nor ever can be.
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Elevator EXP Pre Preamplifier 1249
The The Elevator EXP Pre Preamplifier preamplifies the signal from a conventional output moving coil phono cartridge to moving magnet cartridge sensitivity. The signal is then fed to a moving magnet phono stage. It's better than a step up transformer because noise can't be induced into it - and it's far more linear making for a better bass response. It pairs wonderfully well with the Reflex M shown above.
Revelation M Phono Stage 1699
A must for any serious record collector. It's quite amazing how the Revelation M Phono Stage can make early LPs and 78 rpm records sound as tonally balanced and fresh as some of todays modern vinyl records. Three 3-way switches provide a matrix of equalization curves covering virtually all electric phonograph records ever released, including today's modern RIAA pressings.
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PSU1 Power Supply 399
The same power supply used in the award winning Elevator (shown above). The Graham Slee PSU1 is a beefy power supply, offering rock-solid power delivery. Adding the PSU1 will improve bass performance, open up the soundstage, expand the midrange and extend top end performance.