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Delphi Mk V Turntable 6250
The Delphi is a remarkably handsome work of art with a longstanding reputation as the pinnacle of turntable design. The Delphi Mk V sub-chassis, platter and tonearm assembly are supported by a three-footed, suspended mounting that eliminates undesirable vibrations. Sitting atop new precision bearing system is a 4 kg rigid platter and hard acrylic mat that ensure your records sound as good as possible.

Paris Turntable 3150
The gorgeous entry level Oracle Paris is not only great looking but is solidly built and superb sounding when fitted with the optional tonearm and cartridge (extra). The drive employs an AC synchronous motor, is belt driven and features an external power adapter. The platter is two piece where the hub is aluminum and the main platter is acrylic. Suspension is adjustable and incorporates a three layer semi-floating chassis on a dual rod system. Hi-Fi News Verdict ended its review with this statement, “Superbly finished, the Paris looks as desirable as Oracle intended.” And in speaking of the factory installed tonearm / cartridge combination concluded, “… excellent stereo imaging and a presentation that’s unfatiguing and musically involving.”

Temple PH Phono Stage 9350
The Temple PH provides 3 inputs and 2 outputs to meet the needs of the vinyl lovers who own more than one turntable. It also allows for different load impedance and gain settings for ultimate cartridge matching and provides XLR balanced outputs for optimal performance with balanced preamplifiers.

CD 2000 Transport 10420
Many of the problems that affect the accurate reproduction of recorded music derive from unwanted internal or external vibration. For many years Oracle has been the market leader for combating this problem and achieving unparalleled musical refinement by eliminating detail-robbing vibration. Unique suspension and disc clamping systems, originally used in Oracle’s analogue turntables have been adapted for use in the CD 2000 transport with outstanding results.

CD 2500 MKII Player 12920
The CD 2500 MkII is based on the CD 2000 transport, with the addition of a remarkable 24-bit delta-sigma DAC which delivers breath-taking clarity, detail and imaging.

CD 1000 Transport 7000
The main chassis assembly of the CD 1000 transport is supported by four suspension towers which fully isolate it from environmental vibrations that degrade sound quality. The electronic components and the CD drive laser mechanism of the CD 1000 are very similar to those in the famous CD 2000 transport.

CD 1500 MKII CD Player 9250
The CD 1500 MK II is based on the CD 1000 transport. Its analog stage plays a vital role in the CD 1500’s high performance, filtering residual noise and pollution from the power supplies. Oracle spent three years fine tuning of the digital to analogue converter board to eliminate the need for internal pre-amplification circuitry.

DAC 1000 8100
The DAC 1000 is specially designed to guarantee the full fidelity of high-end sound reproduction. It features 24bit/192kHz upsampling, a Class A output stage with fixed and variable output modes, balanced and unbalanced outputs and dual monaural design for excellent separation with pin-point imaging.

P 1000 Power Amplifier 10420
The Oracle Audio P 1000 is a superb 200 watt per channel stereo power amplifier designed for the audio enthusiast who demands nothing but the best sound performance. It is musically rewarding, delivering wonderful stage depth, imaging and coherence. The P 1000 is a masterpiece of mechanical engineering, specially crafted for people who want to express their uniqueness.

SI 1000 Integrated Amplifier 11950
The Oracle Audio SI 1000 is one of the finest integrated amplifiers available, delivering 175 watts per channel of outstanding realism and finesse. Its natural reproduction of recorded music captures your full attention from the very first moment you experience the Oracle Audio SI 1000. You will sense the subtlety of the inner detail and the lightness of touch within the music which you can only feel at the concert hall.

Oracle SME Tonearm 3100
The Oracle SME tonearm is close to perfection in both performance and construction. It provides superbly detailed and transparent sound that makes music seem more alive and open. This tone-arm offers differing pivot to stylus distances and was designed for the needs of a broader market requiring alternative arm length and interchangeable shell facility.