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When you go to Pathos website you are asked if you would like to view the pages in English or Italiano. This Northern Italian company was established in 1994 by three friends who had an idea for a new amplifier circuit. The now patented circuit provided outstanding sonic performance right from the first prototype. All Pathos products are handcrafted and use only the finest hand-selected components to ensure peerless quality. And all products go through strict quality control. In other words, despite this being an Italian product, the buttons will not fall off.
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Aurium  1399
What Hi*Fi's only 'Con' in their review of the Pathos Aurium? "Nothing"
Pure Class A, tube pre-stage and MOS-FET power stage, with zero feedback, the Aurium provides exquisite musicality, transparency and dynamics with a total lack of listening fatigue. It is also a very flexible unit given the ability to adjust the output impedance from 16 to 1,000 Ohms thus providing the perfect interface with any kind of headphone. The volume control, a critical component in any amp, is operated by means of a high precision Burr-Brown device. Pair this with any of the high quality headphones Soundstage Fine Audio has on hand and you'll have entered La Dolce Vita.