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RPM 3 Carbon 999
Winner of the EISA Award for 2015-16 European Turntable of the Year. The ‘Carbon’ refers to the carbon fibre used in the new S-shaped 10” tonearm. The turntable as a whole is remarkably compact and is deceptively simple in concept. Setup as well is simplicity itself. Obviously belt-driven, this precision belt drive uses a free-standing synchronous motor. The sub chassis has an inverted high quality bearing spindle with a ceramic ball onto which the platter is placed. The balanced platter itself is a combination of mdf and vinyl. Available in three finishes - Piano Black, White and Red. This turntable hits way above its price.

Debut Carbon 619 Colours
The Debut Carbon is an ideal way to start exploring analog. It’s an exceptional entry-level turntable that offers great sound and a small price tag. Its precision bearing tonearm is now carbon, which is lighter and more rigid than the previous aluminum tonearm and comes fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red moving-magnet cartridge so you’re ready to start enjoying records right away. Available in a slew of fun colours. Wayne Garcia of The Absolute Sound said in a recent interview, “It doesn’t excel in any one area but gets the basics so right that it’s hard to criticize what’s lacking - because, after all, that’s what good entry-level models should provide, a solid foundation for musical pleasure”.

1Xpression Carbon 999
The 1Xpression Carbon uses an high rigidity conical carbon fiber tonearm that comes fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. It also includes upgrades that enhance its sonic performance, such as an acrylic platter, vertical tracking angle adjustments, gold-plated RCA sockets and a decoupled motor for reducing vibrations.

2Xperience Acrylic 1599
With a massive MDF platter clad in vinyl, perimeter belt drive and record clamp to ensure rotational stability, the Xperience maximizes the amount of low-level detail that can be read from your records. The Xperience also uses an upgraded carbon fiber tonearm and Teflon/bronze bearing assembly on a resonance resistant and attractive transparent acrylic plinth – quality features seldom seen on tables at this price.

Phono Box S 229
The Phono Box S is a low-noise, IC based, dual mono MM/MC phono pre-amplifier. Its small metal case shields the electronics from vibration and electromagnetic interference while permitting installation close to record player.

Phono Box V USB 229
The Phono Box II USB adds the ability to digitize analog signals for recording direct to disk via USB.

Tube Box S 549
The Tube Box S is a tube powered dual mono MM/MC phono pre-amplifier. It offers rich harmonics and provides selectable subsonic filter.

Tube Box DS 799
The Tube Box DS adds selectable impedance for MC cartridges and selectable load resistance for MM cartridges to the base model.

Align it 179
Align it is a cartridge alignment and adjustment tool that defines the turning centre of Pro-Ject tonearms, accommodates differing tonearm lengths and tonearms from other manufacturers.

Clamp it 129
Vinyl sound can be significantly improved, when unwanted resonances between record and platter can be reduced, while playback. Therefore surfaces of record and platter should connect tightly. Clamp it is the real solution, an accessory with a clamp mechanism around the centre spindle, that will not add weight, which would induce rumble. You can fine-adjust pressure according condition of your warped records. Fitting of Clamp it is easily done within seconds. This accessory will not only please your ears, its beautifully machined diamond-cut edges will also look great on any turntable. 

Connect it RCA CC 129
Signal cables optimized for use with turntables. Highly flexible with low capacitance and perfect shield. These cables were developed to have low colouration and are handmade in Europe. "State-of-the-Art" components for leads, dielectric and plugs were chosen after intense listening tests.

Record Puck 99
A reasonably priced alternative to more expensive record weights and clamps. The stout brass disc fits over the record spindle to dampen record resonance.