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The company was founded in 1945 just a few weeks after the end of WWII by Fritz Sennheiser and seven fellow engineers in a laboratory called 'Laboratorium Wennebostel' later shortened to 'Labor W' and named after the village of Wennebostel. Its first product was a voltmeter. In 1946 the company began making microphones. In 1968 Sennheiser released the world's first open-back headphones and in so doing significantly revolutionized the industry. The company has continued to evolve its product line with offerings at every level and for every purpose. Their finest audiophile headphones are shown below.
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HD 650  630
The audiophile HD 650 has been developed from the award-winning HD 600. The HD 650's feature improved materials for even better sound reproduction. The systems are hand-picked in pairs. A specially developed damping element ensures precise damping over the entire diaphragm surface with the bonus being it's highly constant in all climates. A perennial audiophile pick, the HD 650 is a full-size open back delight delivering silky smooth but accurate sound.
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Momentum 2  399
The new generation of Momentum headphones carves out every aural nuance in even finer detail thanks to the proprietary 18 ohm Neodym transducers. Large diaphragms make the trademark Momentum sound an even more brilliant experience - a clear, richly detailed sound with a powerful bass. Add comfort in spades. Also add the inline remote which lets you handle phone calls, music and volume for both Apple and Android devices. Available in black, brown and ivory.
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HD 800 was 1799  Come in for In Store Special
Enjoy sound, in perfection. Sound that is true in every detail. These reference class headphones employ 56mm transducers, the largest that can currently be found in dynamic headphones. Innovative ear cup design deliver the sound to the ear at a slight angle creating an extremely natural and spatial listening experience. The ear pads are made of micro-fibre and are particularly comfortable to wear. Attention is paid to the smallest detail. These headphones were conceived, manufactured and hand-assembled in Germany. The HD 800 has 3 patents. Well "should you?". That's the question Wes Phillips of The Stereophile asked. He concludes, " If you're a recording engineer or producer and you have to hear what's on the master, you not only should, you must. Or if you're the type of audiophile who's not content with less than the best and you have the liquidity, you need to hear the HD 800's and, probably, own them. For the rest of us, the Sennheiser HD 800 will remain a dream - a dream that, in the rarified realm of high-end audio, is surprisingly attainable".