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SR-009 - 5495

This push-pull open back circular electrostatic headphone is the flagship model from STAX. Comfortable. Extremely detailed and smooth. Every facet of engineering has been considered without compromise. The diaphragm is made from a new ultra thin polymer. New electrodes were then developed to realize the plane drive of the film. Aluminum was chosen for the enclosure due to its high quality sound. Even the copper is 99.9999% pure. The ear pad is hand crafted leather which is comfortable enough for hours of listening. And the headband is a 10 step slider mechanism which will correspond to a wide range of cranial forms.
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SR-007MK2 - 2895

For many years this headset was considered the reference standard for sound and comfort. Like the SR-009 this is a push-pull electrostatic circular sound element with an open air type enclosure. Visible through the outer case and gold plated on the outer edge the electrode has no holes. This results in an increased diaphragm vibration area which in turn allows for a rich and powerful sound while maintaining all the delicacy STAX is famous for. And to ensure that nothing but the diaphragm vibrates the sound elements are encased in thick insulated resin cases which are firmly fixed to a rigid body.
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SR-407 - 650

These unique earspeakers can be considered to be the entry level STAX electrostatic. Once again it is a push-pull electrostatic but with an oval sound element and in an open air type enclosure. The design is such that as wide a film diaphragm area as possible can be effectively used in comparison with its external size. The result is a sound that is clean and smooth with a rich deep low frequency and delicate high frequency.
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SRM-007tII - 2595

This is the STAX flagship model of a hybrid driver intended exclusively for earspeakers. It is characterized by both a wide and a high dynamic range. Employing a vacuum tube output stage with low noise dual FET input Class A operation its outstanding operating features make full allowance for SACD and other new gen high density formats.
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SRM-727II - 2395

This is the STAX top of the line solid state driver. It features low noise FET input with a non-feedback Class A output. This unit provides a bypass mode that enables 'direct' connection to preamplifiers, passive volume controls or integrated amps/receivers with a Pre-Out. A direct switch avoids duplication of volume control.
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SRM-006tS - 1650

Another hybrid design with a vacuum tube output stage and low noise dual FET input Class A operation. Pure balance DC amplifier configuration. While resembling the SRM-007tII note that this unit has 2 vacuum tubes compared to the 007's 4.
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