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“We build loudspeakers, not sculptures.” So say Peter Trenner and Andreas Friedl, founders of the eponymous Austrian company, makers of fine, one might say classical line of speakers for over twenty years. The speakers are hand-made and blend European sound with American build quality. The speakers are unique in many ways, their aesthetics, their wall and corner friendly placement and for the way they fill the room with sound. The Trenner and Friedl high efficiency models are the perfect partner for low powered tube amplifiers. The large beautifully crafted cabinets house unique drivers seldomly seen in present day speakers.
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Sun  3500pr
The smallest in the line of products it can truly be a bookshelf speaker. Two way coaxial construction in an enclosure that follows Golden Ratio proportions, this diminutive speaker belies its size. With elegant touches such as Cardas internal wire and Cardas terminals and seven layered lacquer finish Sun must be heard to be believed. As Ken McCalleff of Stereophile wrote, “Trenner & Friedl’s little Suns bowled me over and blew me away”.
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Art 5500pr
“You have never heard small sound so big.” So says Trenner & Friedl of its 2 way vented system which incorporates a five inch aluminum cone with a one inch ring radiator. Cardas internal wire and Cardas terminals are accompanied by Mundorf high grade capacitors in the crossover. The front is a Corian MDF sandwich. The enclosure, walnut. The paper cones of the low frequency drivers are treated with seven coatings of Italian oil varnish in order to optimize elasticity, damping and stiffness and to reduce cone resonances and distortion.
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Osiris  8900pr
In a word, elegant. With its petite proportions Osiris takes up limited space in a living room. And while it will never dominate your room physically, when music is playing its huge, precise, fast and organic sound will. Osiris is a floor standing speaker (the bases are included) featuring Golden Ratio proportions. One 6.5” Paper cone, impregnated with Italian oil varnish and one 1” horn loaded coaxial compression driver with titanium diaphragm are the drivers. Cardas internal wire and Cardas Patented binding posts as well as Mundorf finest crossover components are more indicators of the quality of Trenner and Friedl speakers, as is the multi layer lacquer finish. And as with all their speakers these can be placed close to a wall. This is also a high efficiency speaker well suited to tube amplifiers.
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Pharoah  12360pr
”Trenner and Friedl Pharoah is an easy-to-live-with quality loudspeaker both visually and sonically”. So said a Finnish magazine reviewer. We couldn’t agree more. Pharoah plays music confidently, is light on its feet, yet balanced. Its exceptional soundstage draws out the finest details - and the crisp articulate base can safely be described as jaw-dropping. The custom built woofers are impregnated with six layers of Italian balsamic violin lacquer. It is a floor standing speaker and as such the bases are included. Quality components include Cardas internal wire and terminals. Finest crossover components by Mundorf plus Oil/Silver caps, foil coils and high grade MOX resistors. Drivers are one 8” paper cone coated with oil lacquer and one 1” Trenner and Friedl horn loaded tweeter. Pharoah can be placed close to walls and corners.
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RA  23000pr
Design distilled to the essentials - technology and hand-craftsmanship in perfect harmony. RA plays with power and dynamics and if desired at original volume levels. At the same time RA maintains its delicate spirit with a sensitivity for the finest nuance. The in-house finished tweeter is mounted concentrically at the heart of the 12 inch woofer thereby achieving a stable, homogeneous tonality regardless of listening position. One 12 inch paper cone and one 1.75 inch horn loaded compression driver, TiN coated titanium diaphragm. Of course Cardas internal wiring and terminals are present as are the finest crossover components from Mundorf. And as with all Trenner and Friedl speakers these can be placed near walls or corners. The bases are integrated.
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ISIS  31500pr
ISIS, shown here without its black speaker grill, is the Flagship of Trenner and Friedl’s ‘Natural Fidelity Line’ of high-end loudspeakers. The company says that ISIS is no simple transducer - “ISIS is music”. The in-house finished tweeter utilizes a titanium-nickel-coated diaphragm which in concert with the proprietary aluminum horn, delivers crystal clear highs. ISIS is bi-amp ready with bass and mid-high frequency ranges capable of being powered and controlled separately. One 15 inch Paper cone. One 8 inch Paper cone. One 1.75 inch horn loaded compression driver. The midrange chamber has pressure equalizing vents. As with all Trenner and Friedl speakers wiring and terminals are courtesy of Cardas, crossover components are Mundorf. Like all other speakers in the line ISIS can be placed close to walls and corners.
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TALIESEN  96000pr
TALIESEN was a sixth century bard who reportedly sang at the courts of at least three Kings in Sub-Roman Britain. “I am a harmonious one; I am a clear singer. I am an artificer; I am a scientific one.” TALIESEN was created to celebrate the company’s impending 25th anniversary. One 18 inch Paper cone. One 12 inch paper cone coaxial fabric dome. On 1.75 inch coaxial titanium compression driver. One air motion transformer which improves imaging and boosts ambience. TALIESEN is damped with wool felt. Trenner and Friedl are committed to environmental sustainability, hence also the fabric drivers. TALIESEN is no shrinking violet. 1500mm high, 620mm wide and 580mm deep. Each weighs 100kg. Large, yes. Elegant, yes. And sound? As one audio journalist said after auditioning TALIESEN at Poland’s 2017 Audio Video Show, “The joy I had in the [Trenner Friedl] room was nothing short of immense."