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Please note some finishes shown are available at extra cost.

New from TOTEM a 25th Anniversary speaker, the Forest Signature. Forest was long a favourite among audiophiles. The Forest Signature is a transcendent upgrade in every respect from its larger internal cabinet to its adjustable rake angle, new High Gloss finishes (available in Rift Cherry or Stripe Mahagony) and improved crossover components which result in outstanding resolution and bass. All Forest Signature woofers and tweeters are individually inspected, measured and tested using Totem’s exceptional quality procedures. A beauty to listen to and to behold.

SKY 2000
The SKY delivers an ultra-stable performance specifically in critical vocal and definition areas. Slim, trim and visually self-effacing the SKY truly shines with the latest innovations in speaker design. You will be amazed by the ultra-wide spatial performance coming out  from such a compact package. Whether on a table top, in a book-shelf or on a dedicated stand, the Sky is optimized to work beautifully close to rear wall boundaries.

The Sky Tower shares the same DNA that made Sky monitor such a success, like gigantic imaging, phase coherence, authoritative bass, and amplifier friendly compatibility. Remarkably, it does it all on a larger scale and with even more impact. The Sky Tower is a high efficiency speaker for easy amplifier compatibility.

Signature One is an homage to Totem’s history, an anniversary celebration, and a retro yet timeless design that will outperform competitors throughout its multi-decade lifespan. This is not a replica of the famous Model 1 that launched Totem. It is an elevated, advanced monitor loudspeaker reflecting the progression of our engineering prowess and is primed to knock you out.

Currently three speakers make up the ELEMENT series - a centre channel and sub-woofer will soon join them. Each speaker in the ELEMENT series is unique in its architectural design and geometric conception. Its stunning multi-angled chassis displays no apparent parallel lines, while defying the laws of perspective. You have your choice of Dusk/Black or Ice/White 4-coat polyester finish.

FIRE 5995
FIRE features 7” Torrent hand-assembled drivers. There are no active or passive cross-over parts in the woofer section. Neither moulded nor stamped the woofers have an extreme precision machined chassis that requires 3 hours of machining and 4 hours of assembly and testing. The 7” cone is fully rear-damped. The woofers are matched with an incredibly musical on and off axis tweeters.

EARTH 8995
EARTH features two of the fabulous 7” Torrent drivers per speaker, one active, one passive, with a single tweeter. The tweeter has a 3/8” faceplate and a finned aluminum alloy body for cooling and durability while offering outstanding clarity, openness and true linearity at any volume setting. Magnetic grills are standard in the series as are multiple connectors including W.B.T. connectors (bi-wireable). Once again the crossover-free network in the woofer path allows for an unfettered flow of information, sound and energy, resulting in a real musical experience.

METAL 12995
Stainless steel and thick aluminum-based voice coils are not only under-hung with the magnets but are also fully immersed in a super strong yet completely localized magnetic field, allowing for a full one inch throw of the two active drivers. The floor columns have a variably adjusted “center front claw”. Rear cabinet decoupling is provided on the columns via their individual ‘skid plates’ which helps channel energy from the enclosure through to the speaker.

Rainmaker 1225
The Rainmaker is an excellent choice for music and surround applications and is capable of delineating and projecting fine details and rhythmic structures with authority. Although moderately priced, the Rainmaker possesses the same impeccable cabinetry as higher-priced models—lock-mitred joint bracing and internal high-tech borosilicate damping—for a rigid, vibration free enclosure. The Rainmaker is equipped with a twin pair of gold plated terminals and hardwired point to point crossover to enable bi-wireability and top performance.

Arrow 1750
The Arrow is an aesthetically pleasing ultra-slim compact speaker that provides great flexibility and room placement possibilities. In normal applications, they have been classified as seductive, alluring and omni-directional in character—a tremendous performer for a very modest price. When supported with appropriate electronics, the Arrow produces incredible bass extension and imaging that defies description. Their great frequency extension and exemplary harmonics transmit the true essence of any musical presentation.

Hawk 3200
The Hawk exemplifies total involvement with all your senses. Truly full range, extremely compact and aesthetically balanced, it features exotic W.B.T. bi-wireable terminals, exquisite cabinetry and incredible unique drivers. Detail, continuity, harmonic nuances, timbre precision and its holographic imaging produce an experience that will never cease to amaze and involve you.

Forest 4275
The Forest is alive with speed and dynamics that convey music with a tingling “surprise factor” that’s true to real life performances. At ease with all types of music, the Forest is ideal for stereo, multi-channel audio or high quality A/V applications. Forest speakers bring forth a synergy between spatial cues, imaging and powerful dynamics that go beyond what is expected of any speaker. Specially modified and proprietary drivers include a 6 ½” woofer with three-inch voice coil and 1” aluminum dome tweeter which are bi-wireable via W.B.T. terminals.

Wind 9500
Totem Acoustic’s Wind is a totally unique four driver, three way speaker system that offers truly full-range expressiveness down to 24 Hz. Multiple midranges allow for an incredible amount of musical information to project with ease. The sound level possibilities of this large dynamic system also facilitate large and complex musical demonstrations without breaking up. Its revolutionary cabinet design allows for true on and off axis point source imaging compared to other large speakers with large baffles.

Dream Catcher Center 550
The Dreamcatcher Center provides a holographic, omni-directional sound with superlative off-axis performance and pinpoint imaging that contributes to the elimination of sound shift. The result is a large, unrestricted listening area.

Rainmaker Center 1100
The Rainmaker is an incredibly refined, full range center that can easily blend with mid and upper echelon speakers. Conveniently sized, yet affordable it offers considerable flexibility and compatibility with most electronics and speaker systems. Tremendously articulate, rhythmic and dynamic it excels nevertheless in micronuance, voicing and spatial resolution.

Model 1 Signature Center 2200
Totem Acoustic offers a top tier center channel in the Model-1 Signature Center. This unit is fully shielded and one of the most compact full-range range center channels available anywhere. As with all Totem Acoustic products it presents a great off-axis dispersion, tremendous resolution and superb integration with our upper echelon line.

Kin Sub 699
Packed into an ultra small footprint its size belies its performance. Ultimately flexible the Kin can be used in a wide range of adaptations, from small scale desktop duty to full scale room support. Available in satin black or satin white, with or without magnetic grill.


Kin Mini Flex 399 each
The KIN Mini Flex is one of the most affordable compact high-end solutions on the market. It is designed to interact in perfect harmony and equilibrium with its lineage, the KIN Mini and the KIN Mini Sub.
As part of the KIN Mini series, the new KIN Mini Flex is conceived to be ultra-flexible. Up or down, recessed or flat-out, table top, on-wall or on-ceiling, it delivers perfect in-phase precision and accuracy. The Flex can be positioned as a left/right or centre unit. Perfect for multichannel use, they can be mounted on-wall horizontally or vertically or even upside down if positioned close to the ceiling. The slight front angle tilt allows for optimal downward diffraction. As mentioned, the Flex can even be ceiling mounted if required. That’s true flexibility.

Kin Mini 500 pair when matched with Kin Sub above the package price is 1049
Small and beautiful and super tuned for gigantic imaging with crosshair precision. Along with its ability to be placed anywhere, in any position, at any height or location, even hidden in a recess area, the Kin Mini delivers its total immersive musical capability with total accuracy. When paired with the Kin Sub the frequency response of the units goes from 29kHz to 40kHz.

Storm Subwoofer 1250
The Storm offers a compact solution for bass augmentation. It uses a front firing driver with two flanking passive units which contribute to a more informative and less compressed energy flow. As is the case with the Thunder, the Storm is not only designed for cinema and surround applications, but is comfortable in a stereo or multi-channel audio environment. In room response for this medium sized sub is 26 Hz to 350 Hz.

Thunder II Subwoofer 2195
The Thunder II, the next evolution of the Thunder subwoofer, offers improved output capabilities. The Thunder II incorporates a unique front-firing active driver with the two flanking passive units, providing more informative and continuous energy flow. Designed for cinema and surround applications where it excels, it nonetheless performs admirably well as a bass module for stereo or multichannel audio use. It meshes seamlessly with all Totem products for any task where bass augmentation is required. This full sized sub provides 20 to 200 Hz in room response. It’s available in a surprising number of finishes.

Tribe Series of On-Wall Speakers
Totem Acoustic’s Tribe series of on-wall speakers is designed to offer the highest calibre, full-range performance for all on-wall applications. Different in size, each model is luxuriously detailed and perfectly proportioned, being among the slimmest wall speakers available.

Tribe I 950 ea
Approx. 26” high by 6” wide by 3.75” deep.

Tribe II 1150 ea
Approx. 29” high by 6” wide by 3.75” deep.

Tribe III 1800 ea
Approx. 36” high by 6” wide by 3.75” deep, for best full range performance.

Lynks 1300pr
Specially designed as a side speaker for A/V applications, the Lynks is easy to set-up for unobtrusive placement in any room. It offers simple configuration of bi- or di-polar modes while seamlessly integrating with any Totem speaker or any other high quality surround speaker system. A complete wall mounting system is included.

Architectural Speakers
Totem's approach to in-wall and in-ceiling transducers varies from the industry norm. Unlike typical in-wall speakers on the market, which are mass produced to generalized engineering standards, Totem’s architectural speakers use high-end materials and techniques such as specialized driver matching, sourcing and original crossover networks to overcome the deficiencies that most in-walls have. Discover a true in-wall/ceiling unit that typifies musicality in all its wonder.

Introducing the Tribe In-Wall/In-Ceiling
Tribe In-Ceiling 1560ea / Tribe In-Wall 1560ea / Tribe Side - Center In-Wall 1435ea

Designed to engulf and immerse the listener in a totally realistic and believable 3D sonic experience, the Tribe In-Wall/In-Ceiling redefine exactness, speed and musicality. For easy use under any conditions, they perform with astonishing presence, no matter the size of your space. The all-enclosed, meticulously crafted and astonishing sounding Tribe In-Wall brings Totem’s legendary imaging, off-axis performance and full-range sound to a brilliant compact, vibrant and dynamic series of speakers.

Mask In-Ceiling 6.5 625pr
Mask In-Ceiling 8

Mask In-Wall 6.5 750pr
Mask In-Wall 8 1000pr