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It seems a lot of great ideas start in garages, the original Vandersteen speaker being one of them.
Richard Vandersteen, construction worker, plumber, truck driver, electrician had electronics as a hobby.
He formalized his understanding of electronics during a stint in the US Air Force. When he returned to civilian life he entered into speaker manufacturing and produced the ‘baffleless’ range in 1972. Initially making them for people in the community it was when a new high end audio store opened up in the area that things got a little more exciting. “and they said "Let's take these things to Chicago." It was 1977. I said Where? because I didn't know of the Consumer Electronics Show. I took vacation time from my job, met something like 30 dealers and got 200 orders for about 250 pairs. I went back, told the boss I gotta quit, gotta find a building, because we were doing it in the garage and it was too small for that. That's how it started.” And it continues to this day. Vandersteen makes speakers that deservedly carry the moniker, ‘legend’.

Vandersteen Model 1Ci 1740
The Model One uses proven Vandersteen Aligned Dynamic Design construction to align and position the drivers to create a point-source wave front and maximize the phase coherence of the loudspeaker at the listening position. This design offers more precise imaging, a wider listening area and greater flexibility of placement options within the listening room.

Vandersteen Model 2Ce Signature II 3460
Vandersteen Model 2ce Signature II loudspeakers are built using innovative design concepts such as minimum-area baffles to virtually eliminate cabinet edge and grille diffraction anomalies and mass alignment of driver elements to insure proper arrival time of the sound wave. This construction provides high levels of genuine transparency and detail typical of planar speakers without the distortions and response variations of multi-directional dynamic loudspeakers. In this price range, there are few loudspeakers that can rival the Model 2ce Signature II for its ability to build an involving musical experience by accurately conveying composition, shading and timing. Dollar for dollar, this speaker reveals the power, the subtlety and the intimacy of the music like no other.

Vandersteen Model 3A Signature 6500
The Model 3A Signature benefits from Vandersteen’s years of experience designing and building loudspeakers of unparalleled value and performance. It couples proven technology with advanced materials, construction and design for a speaker system that can recreate the music's original scope and passion. The Model 3A Signature helps you hear deeper into the music and become more involved in the music as its complex inner structure is revealed with increased clarity and realism.

Vandersteen TREO 9000
The Vandersteen TREO is a time and phase correct full-range loudspeaker available in all the standard wood finishes. The top three drivers and performance are the same as the QUATRO but without the powered sub-woofer.

Vandersteen TREO CT 10590
Vandersteen’s Treo loudspeaker is now available in an optional Treo CT version (Carbon Tweeter). The Treo CT delivers a surprising amount of the air, space and natural purity previously heard only in Vandersteen’s top speaker models.

Quatro Signature Wood 14245 (Quatro Wood CT 18360)
Like all Vandersteen speakers, Quatro Signatures are completely time- and phase-accurate. These speakers provide enhanced performance by combining a Model 3A Signature speaker system with a 2Wq subwoofer in each aesthetically pleasing enclosure. This allows a very simple setup process and presents a less imposing room presence. Combining the powered subwoofer and main speaker in a single enclosure allows improved linearity and better transition from deep bass frequencies to the rest of the spectrum, resulting in audible improvements in transients and more lifelike presentation. All wood finish.

Vandersteen Model 5A Reference Loudspeaker 24800 (Model 5A Carbon 38900)
The Vandersteen Model 5A makes an ultimate musical statement, combining the superior openness of the Vandersteen boxless design with the powerful, extended bass of an amplified subwoofer in a compact, elegant loudspeaker. With trend-setting technology, the best components and painstaking attention to detail, the Model 5A is the ultimate embodiment of advanced Vandersteen design principals. Each speaker users a massive dual motor 12-inch push-pull subwoofer that is powered by a built-in 400 watt amplifier and is capable of more than an inch of linear excursion. Model 5A loudspeakers are remarkable on music’s finer details, too, thanks to carefully optimized dispersion and transient accuracy and careful maintenance of the input signal's time and phase integrity.

Vandersteen VCC-1 865
The VCC-1 centre speaker is a crucial component for a high-fidelity home theatre system that creates an expansive panorama of sound that enhances your emotional involvement in the film experience. The VCC-1 and other Vandersteen centre speakers are the only ones that incorporate integral design solutions to the specific centre channel requirements. It is immune to lobing response variations and performs consistently at any height or positioning.

Vandersteen VCC-2 1820
The VCC-2 is a 3-way, non-shielded centre speaker.

Vandersteen VCC-5 2850
The VCC-5 is a three-way design based on the VCC- 1, but with the addition of two 6.5-inch cast-basket woofers. As an important part of a high-fidelity home theater system, the VCC-5 folds seamlessly into the multi-channel soundfield while maintaining the critical phase integrity of the original sound.

Vandersteen VSM-1 1550
The Vandersteen VSM-1 is an advanced surface-mount loudspeaker optimized for the unique requirements of the rear channel positions in a multi-channel audio/video system. It was developed and refined by twenty years of intensive research into loudspeaker design and multiple speaker integration.

Vandersteen VSM-1 Signature 2490
An enhanced version of the Vandersteen VSM-1 surface-mount speaker, the Signature edition incorporates advanced technology and components originally developed for the Vandersteen Model 5A Reference Loudspeaker. Every aspect of the speaker’s internal design and construction is significantly upgraded for use in a reference quality multi-channel system with Vandersteen Model 3A or Model 5A main speakers.

Vandersteen VLR-1 1660
The Vandersteen VLR-1 is a small home theatre front speaker for in-cabinet mounting or situations where it is domestically impossible to use our full-range loudspeakers. The VLR-1 features an aligned coaxial design with a 6.5-inch die-cast basket woofer and a 1-inch critically-damped, alloy dome tweeter.

Vandersteen 2Wq Subwoofer 2160
The key to finding a subwoofer that fits your system perfectly is trying to find the subwoofer with the character of bass response (Q) that best matches your listening
room and your personal tastes. The 2Wq is the first subwoofer to feature adjustable Q, allowing you to select a low Q which sounds highly damped and very tight, or a high Q, which sounds warm and loose with more energy in the most audible bass range—or anything in between.

Vandersteen V2W Subwoofer 2160
The V2W version of the 2Wq is optimized for multi-channel systems that cannot accept an external crossover between the preamp/processor and the power amplifier. The processor’s subwoofer output is connected directly to the V2W’s line level input.