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Pronounced 'eye-duhl' this French company was founded from scratch with the sole purpose of developing a headphone that satisfied the two founder's no compromise audiophile requirements with their aesthetic demands. Extensively researched and surrounded by a talented team of sound engineers and designers the result is the VK-1, Valkyrie. Available in three distinct styles they are all the VK-1.
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VK-1 Valkyrie  449
Using the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship the VK-1 is immediately compelling. CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum provides the structure while hand sewn genuine lambskin leather provides the comfort. Ports on both transducers provide a unique bass enhancement system. The transducers consist of a Titanium diaphragm with a Neodymium magnet. No detail has been overlooked. This includes an Aramid fibre coated detachable cable. Available in three finishes - Classic, Carbon and Legacy - as shown.