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Akustische und Kino-Geräte Gesellschaft mbH - mercifully shortened to AKG in 1965 - was founded by two Viennese, the physicist Dr. Rudolf Görike and the engineer Ernst Pless, in 1947. Since that date, AKG has driven innovations in the headphones market, producing the ultimate in sonic accuracy for recording professionals, audiophiles and anyone with a passion for music. AKG has toured with everyone from Frank Sinatra and the Rolling Stones to Missy Elliott and Kanye West. They've even done tours on the Mir space station, with, um, different kinds of stars. For your ears only.
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Q-460  199
The Q-460 high performance, foldable, mini headphones are part of AKG's Quincy Jones Signature line. Designed to connect you to your favourite music from virtually any portable player. The featherweight design makes them the perfect partner for true mobility - an ideal match to any smartphone. Great sound, great looks and durable, they are designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Ultra comfortable ear pad promote long-term listening with the added benefit of noticeably reducing ambient noise. Not too warm. Not too tight. Just right.
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K-550  349
How big are the K-550's?
As Jimmy Fallon would say,
"big enough".
With the K-550's AKG engineers have struck a masterful balance between the noise isolating qualities of closed-back headphones and the spacious, dimensional sound of an open-back design creating reference class headphones ideal for private listening both at home and on the go. 50mm drivers, the largest in AKG's product line, deliver great sound regardless of the source device. The large ear cups and new headband design ensure an amazingly comfortable fit. And the 2D axis mechanism folds flat for both stow and go.
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K-845BT  359
Winner of the CES 2014 Innovation Award as well as multiple other awards the K-845BT (also available in black) cuts the chord (if you wish) with Bluetooth connectivity. As you can see the volume control is on the ear cup. But so are remote and microphone controls. The headphones can be charged via USB but if that isn't available the included audio bypass cable makes no power, no problem. The 2D axis mechanism allows these phones to fold flat for easy storage and portability. And speaking of phones, the K-845BT are NFC capable allowing them to pair instantly with NFC enabled devices. Add comfort to AKG's signature sound mix and you have hours and hours of audio enjoyment.